Street lighting

Why from us?

• we are a Czech company
• we produce our own LED street lighting
• we have a better price compared to foreign competition
we are not afraid of long warranties, we trust in our products
• we will prepare a complimentary lighting project and calculation of savings

In 2021, we installed 2,772 LED street lighting fixtures under the EFEKT program
we support communities with low prices
we can provide installation by a trusted company
we will help you navigate through the product range
we have proven references from the municipalities, including telephone contacts for verification

We manufacture and customize our own COBRA, APOLLO and NAOS LED street lights. The basis is a custom design of the luminaire body and branded components from manufacturers such as SAMSUNG, OSRAM, Philips. Our LED public lighting stands out above all for its reasonable price, high quality workmanship and also short delivery time. We keep most of the components of our LED public lighting in stock and can start the actual customized assembly almost immediately. We will prepare the entire project for our customers free of charge, including the exact location of the luminaires, the optics used and the wattages. We will also calculate the payback, energy consumption and savings.

We can also arrange subsidies in the EFEKT 2022-2027 subsidy programme.








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