It is not easy to make a good project for LED lighting

We design lighting fixtures with the current situation and needs in mind. Free of charge and at any time.

Nowadays, it is important for a company to operate efficiently and be competitive. And not only in marketing, sales
and production. Overheads and operating costs also need to be kept in check. And, of course, to reduce them to a minimum.

At TESLUX, we can reduce lighting costs by up to 90%. We use modern LED technology and controlled dimming in places,
that you don’t currently use.

Why also shine where there is plenty of daylight? That seems unnecessary to us.

How it all works?

Write us or call us. We’ll arrange a date and come and take a look. We can never exactly design the best solution from the table.

Together, we’ll go over your current lighting method and measure how much you need. We will calculate the annual energy costs and prepare the project.

We will use a special program to accurately simulate your situation using new lights or a dimming system.

We will calculate the real savings according to the standard and prepare a report indicating the real payback period and the amount of savings.

We are able to implement the whole project, fit new luminaires, manufacture and install a controlled dimming system and put everything into operation.

Complete documentation, certificates for all supplied products, declarations of conformity, etc. are a matter of course.

There is no light like light

Projects are an essential part of our work. It is not wise to take a piece-for-piece approach to lighting replacement.
Several important factors come into play.

What power to choose? What colour of light? How high to place the lighting? Why shine even where it is not necessary at the moment?

We will give you the answer to exactly these questions. And this is exactly the reason why you should have your project prepared by us.
We understand the lights, we work with them day and night.

Examples of completed projects

Request a free project

Lights are our life.We are confident that we will find the best solution for your project. Whether it is a gigantic factory with a gazillion light fixtures or a patch of land in front of your company.Drop us a line or come by right away, we have great coffee.

We hate to brag, but still...

Questions and Answers, or FAQ

Unfortunately, there is no universal answer. The important factors are determined by the standard (light intensity, glare, etc.). Others are determined, for example, by the height at which the luminaires will be suspended. In general, it is better to use luminaires with optics from a height of 6m. And the colour of the light? That is another question.

In general, 3000K (warm white) is more for residential use. It has a minimal blue component and therefore has the least effect on brain activity of the light colours listed. 4000K (neutral, daylight white) is usually chosen for places where people move around. It is not as aggressive as 6500K and does not fatigue the eyes. It’s been tested over the years. 6500K (cool white) with a tinge of blue is already obvious from the name that the blue content will be the highest. However, it should not be used for outdoor lighting. Ideally for a paint shop for paint inspection. But even this can be solved today with a more “acceptable” light colour with a higher Ra.

Unless you are replacing with grant money, or you need documentation for approval, then no. However, if you need to meet hygiene standards, to know how much and what kind of light you need, then yes. If you choose our luminaires, we will prepare the project for you free of cha

The number and location of emergency (battery) luminaires is usually defined in the OHS report. If there is no such report, we will suggest a logical placement in case of power failure and the need to move people. Furthermore, we can also connect to your backup circuit.

Are they really equivalent, or do they just look like it? Do they have a 5 year warranty? Did they design a project that they will give you a hand up for? Do they have a history and will they be here in 10 years? If you have reasonable and honest answers to these questions, then take them from a competitor. Otherwise, it would be a foolish decision. They’re just cheaper.