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We perform the following certified measurements of artificial and daylight illumination

What we declare, also proof

Our lighting technician is a qualified metrologist of the 2nd qualification level in the field of measurement of artificial and daylight lighting, which we can prove with a valid certificate issued by the Czech Metrology Society.

From the measured values, we prepare the resulting Lighting Measurement Report, which is used to verify whether all the requirements of the applicable standards are met. This protocol may be required by the investor from the state administration control bodies, e.g. for building approvals (Regional Hygienic Station, Police of the Czech Republic…).

We work with calibrated measuring instruments, which we prove with a valid instrument calibration protocol for each lighting measurement report.


Measuring instruments

Jasový analyzator LUMIDISP LDA


Spektrometr UPRtek MK350

When measuring the illumination and evaluating the results, we follow the applicable standards.

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